Ep.1 - Battle of Culinary Excellence

The best military chefs from around the world come to compete at this annual event.

Ep.2 - Darling Farm

A former US Army ranger turned sustainable sheep farmer raises livestock in a way you can feel good about.

Ep.3 - Purpose & Prestige at C.I.A. 

The most distinguished and demanding culinary school in American gives a newfound sense of purpose to veterans.

Ep.4 - Philly Fire: Control vs. Chaos

A firefighter finds that the control he has in the kitchen, preparing gourmet meals for his team, helps him deal with the chaos they encounter taming fires in South Philadelphia.

Ep.5 - A Crew Sails On Its Stomach

Arianna Gunn, a young member of US Coast Guard COCHITO, uses ingenuity, craft and TLC in her closet-sized kitchen to single-handedly keep her crew (very) well fed during the small ship's weeklong missions at sea.

Ep.6 - Taco Rice in Okinawa

Post WWII culture clash = Japanese/Mexican franken-dish. How one entrepreneurial sushi chef gave American G.I.s just what they'd been craving. 

Ep.7 - The Science of Military Rations

Home, in a bag? A techy U.S. Army lab in Natick, MA uses science, culinary ingenuity and soldier feedback in a never-ending pursuit to improve the MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat).

Ep.8 - Whiskey, Tradition and the 10th Mountain Division

Find out how the co-founders of 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirit Company infuse tradition, legacy and history into every bottle.

Ep.9 - Second in Command

Will Marquardt served in the US Army. Now he serves as the Chef de Cuisine at LA's famous Petit Trois, the french gourmet brainchild of celeb chef Ludo Lefebvre. 

Ep. 10 - Guam

This year, the tropical US territory of Guam - where residents join the military at a higher rate than any of the 50 stats - plays host to an epic festival of food, culture and island lifestyle. 

Ep.11 - Israel, Palestine  & Olive Oil Without Borders

We visit Nablus in The West Bank to meet a group of people using olive oil, farming and food to promote peace between Arabs and Jews in the region.

Ep.12 - Peace Beyond the Wall

Is hummus part of peace in the Middle East? Locals in the trendy/Arab part of Tel Aviv, soldiers outside an IDF military base and Israeli olive farmers hosting Palestinian dinner guests think...maybe so.