Kyle is an award-winning director and writer based in Los Angeles.

Like all filmmakers, he got his start as a paratrooper in the US Army.
With cutting-edge Hi-8 technology, Kyle (aka PFC Hausmann) sneakily filmed his unit's monthly airborne jumps and tank maneuvers then edited the footage into emotional, action-packed music videos. His mood films quickly became the rage of the battalion; even with the Colonel. Later, while leading convoys in Iraq, Staff Sergeant Hausmann strapped primitive GoPros to his trooper’s helmets and his platoon’s humvees, determined to tell the soldiers' story.

Following the military, Kyle quickly filled a passport, studied Spanish cinema in Madrid, attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts, started a production company and co-founded the renowned nonprofit organization Veterans in Media & Entertainment. Since graduating from film school in 2010, Kyle has worked exclusively as a director, helming commercials, campaigns and streaming series all over the U.S. and in faraway places such as Russia, Vietnam, Japan, Israel, Cuba, and Colombia.
Clients include: Google, Disney, IBM, UPS, REI, US Air Force, Dunkin, Blizzard, Rocket Mortgage, US Dept of Veterans Affairs.

In 2022 Kyle wrote and directed the award-winning short film MERITxZOE, a semi-autobiographical impact project created in partnership with The Mission Continues, Bob Woodruff Foundation and Everytown For Gun Safety.

Kyle is currently preparing to shoot his feature film debut, MY DEAD FRIEND ZOE.


+ 2018 Most Watched PSA, SHOOT Magazine, “Veterans For Gun Reform”
+ 35 million views, 100K+ shares, D.C. Main Stage #MarchForOurLives, “Veterans For Gun Reform”
+ People’s Choice Telly Award, “It Matters"
+ Food & Wine “'Meals Ready to Eat' Is a Deep Dive Into the Military's Food Culture"
+ KPCC - Take Two "From battlefield to culinary field: MREs continue to inspire long after combat"
+ 2013 Telly Award "These Hands”
+ 2012 Telly Award “Success Stories”

Toaster, BBDO, JWT, GSD&M, Quartz, Barbarian, Zubi, Tastemade, Armed Minds

+ Direct: kylehs at gmail dot com // 323.451.2279
+ US/International Representation: [currently freelance]