EL CAMINO "Dear Traveler"

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El Camino...

Unique Travel Moments - Captured For You

TRIP PHILOSOPHY: Each trip is composed of 10-12 individuals eager for something different.

Curated travel, authentic experiences: Check them out. We are giving you individualized, exclusive to El Camino experiences. Because we are so committed to the details and working with local small business owners, each trip is different, and thus pricing is different. We guarantee that you will not find anything comparable out there and at our price point. If you do, send us a link and we will send you a $200 travel credit applicable to any trip.

We really care: We really do. As stated in our philosophy above, we want you to have an epic journey those dear to you now and 40 years from now will wax poetically on your behalf. That's why we personally contact each traveler going on the trip, to get to know you better, better grasp the type of trip you are seeking, and answer any questions you may have.

Your own photographer: Each group is accompanied by a talented photographer with a creative eye ready to capture the whole experience. The photographer will deliver 20+ compelling images every morning that you can immediately share with your social media. That means you can leave your phone at the door and live in the moment.

Do good: Percentage of the profits of each trip will go to a local social entrepreneur who is radically changing the face of their country. In addition to doing good, you will meet this inspiring individual. Each social entrepreneur will lead an intimate dinner or activity where they will delve deeply into their work and their country, providing a unique and personal perspective of your current surroundings.