My Dead Friend Zoe [feature]

 (100% Rotten Tomatoes) 

Sonequa Martin-Green (“Merit”) - Star Trek Discovery, The Walking Dead, Space Jam
Natalie Morales (“Zoe”) - No Hard Feelings, Parks & Rec, Santa Clarita Diet
Ed Harris (“Dale”) - Westworld, Apollo 13, Truman Show, The Rock
Morgan Freeman
 ("Dr. Cole") -Shawshank Redemption, Dark Knight, Se7en
Utkarsh Ambudkar ("Alex") - Ghosts, World’s Best, Brittany Runs a Marathon
Gloria Reuben
("Kris") - ER, Lincoln, Mr. Robot

Logline: Engaged in a mysterious relationship with wise-cracking (and dead) best friend from the Army , a female Afghanistan veteran reluctantly reunites with her estranged Vietnam vet grandfather at the family's ancestral lake house.

Synopsis: MY DEAD FRIEND ZOE is a dark comedy drama that follows the journey of Merit (Sonequa Martin-Green), a U.S. Army Afghanistan veteran who is at odds with her family thanks to the presence of Zoe (Natalie Morales), her dead best friend from the Army. Despite the persistence of her VA group counselor (Morgan Freeman), the tough love of her mother (Gloria Reuben) and the levity of an unexpected love interest (Utkarsh Ambudkar), Merit's cozy-dysfunctional friendship with Zoe keeps the duo insulated from the world. That is until Merit's estranged grandfather (Ed Harris)—holed up at the family's ancestral lake house—begins to lose his way and is in need of the one thing he refuses... help. At its core, this is a buddy film about a complicated friendship, a divided family, and the complex ways in which we process grief.

Status: World Premiere: 2024 SXSW (Audience Award)
Type: Feature film (101mins) 
Genre/Niches: Drama / Dark Comedy / Buddy / Military-Veterans / Intergenerational / Apolitical
Comps: CODA, Fight Club, Booksmart, Grand Torino
ProdCo: Legion M / Radiant Media Studios

Director: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes
Writer: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes & AJ Bermudez
Story By: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes & Cherish Chen
Producers: Paul Scanlan (p.g.a.), Kyle Hausmann-Stokes (p.g.a.), Terri Lubaroff (p.g.a.), Ray Maiello, Mike Field, Richard Silverman, Robert Paschall Jr., 
Exec Producers: Travis Kelce, Ed Harris, Sonequa Martin-Green, Natalie Morales, Jeff Annison, David Baxter, Brandi Plants, Nancy Masterson, Joe Masterson, Chris Boshuizen, Igor Tsukerman, Jordan Dykstra, Simon Fawcett, Jonathan Taylor

Director of Photography: Matt Sakatani Roe (Purple Hearts, Nostalgia)
Production DesignerWhit Vogel (Significant Other, Trinkets)
: Ali Greer (Barry, Hacks, Portlandia)
Costume Designer: Dionne Barens (Significant Other, Metal Lords)
Music Supervisor: Laura Katz (Big Time Adolescence, Chappaquiddick)
Composer: Dan Romer (Station Eleven, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Luca) 
Casting Director: Jamie Castro (Inventing Anna, Scandal)
Original Song:
Kaia Kater & Dan Romer
Line Producer: Greg Bartlett (Hard Miles)
Post Sound: Eric Marks / Austin Chase (El Chapo, The Wrath of Becky)