REI "Foraged + Found" [digital series]

When Mother Nature is your muse, there are no limits to what you can create. 

EP1: Printmaker Sunny Mullarkey brings her paintings, carvings and prints to life by pulling inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. 

EP2: Bring the outdoors in with Forager and Chef Alan Bergo, a Minnesota resident with a passion for bringing a taste of the wild to the table. His inspiring passion for experimentation shows in his inventive dishes created around ingredients found in his own backyard.

EP3: Lindsey Antram creates beautiful, unique jewelry out of found and foraged objects in Boise, ID. She uses natural materials to further educate people on environmental impact and reuse.

director/writer - Kyle Hausmann-Stokes
cinematographer - Seth Naugle
editor - Jason Zeldes

field producer - Nick Cane
asst camera - Brooks Burgoon
colorist - Michael Schatz
mixer - Keegan Duncan

client - REI
prod co - Tastemade
exec producer - Jay Holzer
head of production - Cecile Murias
supervising producer - Elina Brown
line producer - Kedian Asulei
content partnerships - Samantha Sabine