YANQUI [series]


Status: Pitch / bible avail on request
Type: Series
Genre/Niches: Romantic Comedy-Drama / Cross cultural / English-Spanish
Comps: Knocked Up meets Fleabag / Catastrophe meets Fools Rush In

After a one-night stand abroad leads to pregnancy, a failed NYC entrepreneur turned cat-shelter volunteer travels to Argentina to prove he’s not like his (absent) father.
- Half hour comedy-drama
- 8 episodes [outlined, avail on request]
- Based on the true story

YANQUI is an edgy, cross-cultural romantic comedy series about love after pregnancy, geographically-challenged romance, and modern parenthood. It’s a tango with four left feet. A fish-out-of- water love story set in The City of Fury. A series about what it means to become a parent while still figuring out how to be an adult. YANQUI will be filmed in Buenos Aires and New York, toggle freely between English and Spanish dialogue, and feature una mezcla of American and Argentine talent. Inspired by actual events and proof that truth can be stranger/funnier than fiction, this story has a happy ending but a very (very) bumpy road to get there.

Co-Created & Written by: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes & Sean Quinn 

Director: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes

email: kylehs at gmail dot com